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February 16, 2012

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

We’ve moved on over to another blog at The Cultivate Project! Please visit us over there :)

Succulent Envy!

April 16, 2011

Haven’t you heard?! – Succulents are the new trend right now! I even spotted a succulent feature on one of my favorite home interior blogs Belle Maison! Owner Julie created a fabulous centerpiece for her home – and it’s so easy to do, you can make one too! Check out her post for more details.

belle maisonjulie of belle maison & modern chic home

Annnnd ‘TA-DA!’ oooo fancy! 

The Juicy Leaf

April 9, 2011

The Juicy Leaf - Home

Of course The Juicy Leaf is located in Venice Beach, us Fresnans don’t have such cool places :(  This floral design firm also has a store where they sell modern looking succculent arrangements and they even host planting parties! What a great idea!

Just a few pics from Spring Trials down at Plug Connection! Here’s the filming of a short vid Suntory did:

Kevin and Delilah capturing the news for Greenhouse Grower!

 It’s the end of the week-long California Spring Trials! A quick hello from dad and the new director of OFA Michael Geary, at the Suntory display at Plug Connection!

Spring is here!

March 29, 2011

Well, spring is supposed to be here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet! Warm weather come our way!

Gwen out at Daddy’s nursery!

Clovis Botanical Garden

March 26, 2011

The Clovis Botanical Garden will be hosting a day all about plants to help you to get ready for spring – and of course we’ll be there ;) Come and listen to my dad give the 411 on UC Verde at his 12:30pm spiel. There will be gardening presentations, a spring plant sale, raffle and master gardeners on hand to answer all of your questions! It’s on Saturday, March 26th from 9am-2pm at The Clovis Botanical Garden at 945 N. Clovis Avenue in Clovis!

Admission is $5 for this special event and it’s free to Garden members. Annnnnd award-winning smoked BBQ tri-tip lunches will be available for purchase too!!! yum yum yum

Here are some pics from our small demonstration plot installed at the Clovis Botanical Garden!

Mowed versus unmowed, which UC Verde look do you prefer?

UC Verde plug tray being installed over Netafim sub-irrigation:

Netafim sub-irrigation left partially exposed to show consumers how it works. Typically the irrigation is completely covered and waters the plants from underground; it’s great for a water-wise garden since you won’t waste/lose water to evaporation or run-off:

Going Vertical!

March 16, 2011

A garden doesn’t necessarily have to be on the ground – The Outdoor Living Wall Panel Grid offers a grid system of pockets that can be planted as single planters for a hanging art feel or grouped together to form a wall.  Outdoor Living Wall Panel Grid

Outdoor Living Wall Panel Grid

Now how awesome is this! Probably pretty pricey, but it looks amazing!

Outdoor Living Wall, attached to a fence for vegetated wall

(via this awesome blog , via thegreenhead)

Visit our UC Verde website!

Crop Circles!

March 2, 2011

the estate of things chooses moss gardens

Here’s a cool project from Sunset Magazine – Crop Circles! I think I’ll have to go dig up some of the moss around the outside of the greenhouse! :)

A traditional dish garden is small and highlights miniature, jewel-like plants. Utilizing rocks and moss in contrasting colors, these fun alternatives make an artful addition to your patio or deck.


1. Using terra-cotta bowls with drainage holes ― we chose 6- and 12-inch shallow ones ― as guides for circles and a metal ruler to trace stripes, cut mud flats of groundcover such as deep green Irish moss and/or golden green Scotch moss with a paring knife.

2. Fill bowls with potting soil and plant groundcover.

3. To add a circle or spiral of polished stones, arrange them on the groundcover and cut guidelines around them.

4. Remove the stones, cut out a channel between the guidelines, then replace the stones. Keep dish garden out of full sun and water once a week. Diluted plant food will help keep it green.


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